Ramona Housing Project

For details on the project and a downloadable copy of the bid package click the button below:

How to be Septic Smart

As the Environmental Department staff coordinates the annual inspection of Tribal septic systems in the coming weeks, we would like to encourage homeowners and our neighboring communities to continue to care for and maintain their septic systems.

2016 Earth Day Season

The Ramona Band of Cahuilla Environmental Department has had a busy 2016 Earth Day season!

Hiking Tips for Spring

With the start of spring, Ramona’s Environmental Department staff have some tips to share for those who may be eager to explore their local hiking trails. 

Riverside County Third District Summit

On March 31, 2016, Tribal Chairman Joseph Hamilton and Project Manager John Gomez attended a Third District Summit hosted by County of Riverside Supervisor Chuck Washington at South Coast Winery Resort and Spa. 

Stream Team Training

The Environmental Department, in conjunction with other Tribal Environmental Department staff, has recently been participating in the monitoring of streams at various Southern California Tribal Reservations.