Hiking Tips for Spring

With the start of spring, Ramona’s Environmental Department staff have some tips to share for those who may be eager to explore their local hiking trails. 

Before you head out, prepare for your trip and consider the following, as recommended by the California Department of Parks and Recreation:  


Photo Credit: N. Jonkhoff 

  1. Hike with a friend or family member
  2. Take plenty of drinking water
  3. Make sure your pack is well-equipped with supplies – such as food, first aid, map, flashlight, hat and sunscreen
  4. Let someone at home know where you are going and when you plan on returning
  5. Don’t walk off-trail – cutting across switchbacks can erode the hillside
  6. Wildlife can live even near urban areas – if you encounter wildlife on the trail, keep your distance and back away slowly
  7. Poison oak is a common plant throughout much of California – learn to identify its shiny, three-leaf pattern and avoid touching it


Most importantly, stay safe and enjoy the outdoors!