Flood Fight Training at Manzanita Reservation

Staff attended a Flood Fight Training hosted by the Native American Environmental Coalition (NAEPC), in conjunction with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), in early February 2016 at the Manzanita Reservation. In anticipation of increased El Niño storm events, the training focused on flood prevention techniques. This one-day hands-on training provided staff with valuable tips and tricks on:

Assembly Line

Photo Credit: J. Arriaza

• How to properly fill sand bags,
• How to organize an assembly line to quickly and efficiently fill bags, and
• Different ways to stack bags in the field to optimize flood prevention and protect valuable resources

The Manzanita Reservation also served up a delicious lunch for all attendees.

Rainprotection Method

Photo Credit: J. Arriaza

Thanks to NAEPC, DWR, and the Manzanita Reservation for organizing this valuable training for the Tribal community. If you’d like to learn more about how you or your Tribe can attend a flood fight training, please contact NAEPC or DWR for more information.